Ace Tennis Academy | Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Fitness & Strength

You need to be fit to play tennis. A fine balance of Strength, Stamina and Stability makes a fine tennis player.

Technique & Rythm

Your technique is who you are and your control is what you want to become. We help you to get there.

Analysis & Solutions

Analysis is where the errors are eliminated by using modern technique and Biomechanics to achieve the maximum results with the required input.

Team & Community

Our team is our strength. We are a family and we are tennis.


At Ace Tennis Academy, we not only create a Tennis player but add the life skills and values to be an all rounder in today’s challenging world!

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  • Syed Omer

    Head Coach

    Omer has produced a string of national and international players. A highly observant and patient coach who is passionate about bringing your best tennis out. People around him call him the “Wizard”
  • Syed A Kabeer

    Personal Trainer

    Known for his art of handling the kids and strong basic technical skills, this ITF Level I trainer is the person to look out for high end flexibilities.
  • Anil Kumar

    Assistant Coach

    Drills are his speciality and calories are his target. this ITF level I trainer is a task master.



  • The trainers at Ace Tennis Academy have helped me reach my tennis goals beyond anything I could of hoped for. I love it!

    - Zong
  • I would have given up tennis a few times if not for my Coach and the academy. It is a place where you learn to stay positive and develop a belief in your ownself

    - Damien Rocky
  • Tennis at Ace is the most exciting part of my week. I started playing here and have quickly reached a level I enjoy playing the game. Thanks Omer!

    - Lee Quin
  • I have joined tennis coaching in 5 countries including my home country France and there is no place better than Ace academy in the world!

    - Max Lacoume